Tent places, a little news and the missing fifth

BAM! From Thursday 26th tent places are on sale and registrations are open.Also: what is the missing fifth? 👇👇👇👇👇 From Thursday 26 at noonBAM! 2023 tent places will be on sale.⛺⛺There are about 1,200 places.Last year, unfortunately many did not find a place.So if you want to be sure to fully experiencethe BAM!!! experience,don’t wait too […]

I posti tenda, una piccola novità e il quinto mancante

BAM! Da giovedì 26 in vendita i posti tenda e registrazioni aperte!E poi: qual è il quinto mancante? 👇👇👇👇👇Da giovedì 26 alle ore 12 saranno in vendita i posti tenda del BAM! 2023 ⛺⛺I posti sono circa 1200.L’anno scorso molti non hanno trovato posto, purtroppo.Per cui, se volete essere certi di vivere appienol’esperienza BAM!,non aspettate troppo. Lo stesso […]

ThisAvventura: touring Italy with a Graziella.

Some on a Vespa and some on a Graziella… to each his own symbol of the Italian summer. Except that touring Italy with a Graziella seems more like a punishment, or at least it seemed like it before seeing your smiling photos. Why did you decide to hurt your asses so much?