BAM! is the European gathering of bicycle travelers.

On 12-13 of June 2021,
at the Lausen Refuge in the Lessini Mountains
the 7th edition of BAM! is back in the Campfire version:
few (but good), all on their bicycles, all in their tents under the stars.

Because being able to imagine something beyond is freedom.

BAM! Action!


It is the event for those who want to ride with friends, for those who dream of going far and for those who share a passion.

It explodes as if by magic, transforming some of the most evocative and most bike-friendly places in our country into three days in which we live together day and night, between meetings, music, beer and typical products, rides and nights under the stars.

It is an opportunity to talk about bikes and cycle tourism, to learn about new products and new trends, to meet the most important brands in the sector, to bring together companies, artisans and enthusiasts, to explore new territories and to be together.