BAM! Will be in June 2022

What makes you belong to something? what is the sense of belonging?

In that sea that is life, where we are suspended between infinity and nothingness, each of us is looking for an anchor, a flag, a team or a love for which to be able to say: “I belong to you”.


Sometimes you belong to a place, which can be your birthplace, but also a peak, a lake or a lonely square in Liguria. Sometimes we belong to an idea or a dream to be realized, in balance between the dust of today and the hopes of tomorrow.


Somehow BAM! means “to belong”, not so much to an event or a shirt with a bear on it, as to a shared dream, as if we woke up in the morning and realized we had dreamed of the same journey, the same freedom, the same bicycle at the end of the world .


BAM! is belonging to this stupid dream of freedom, which we all share and which, after all, we nourish ourselves with.


BAM! is back to Mantua: this time we will all meet again, under the same sky.


10-12 June, Mantua, BAM!

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