26th-27th of SEPTEMBER

26th-27th of SEPTEMBER

Every crisis can become an opportunity. And, as Mary Shelley claimed, (Frankenstein's author) inventing does not mean creating from emptiness, it means creating from chaos. And today there is so much chaos to start from.

This year there will be BAM!’s spin-off, the BAM! CAMPFIRE which allows us to continue to live our passion for cycling together. BAM! CAMPFIRE is a small adventure, an experience of sharing in compliance with the safety rules.


We will see you at the Rifugio Lausen, in the Lessini mountains, from 3pm on Saturday 26th of September until Sunday morning, when we will say goodbye with another beautiful memory to share.


Does it really matter? There will be music, food, beer, stories to listen to and tell, people to know, stars to look at and emotions to remember. In a beautiful place.


If you want, you can choose the road to get to Verona and share it with us on Komoot: other people may want to ride with you.

We are going to be in Verona on Saturday 26th at 11am, in front of the Arena, for those who want to share the last kilometers. The climb is long but easy.
But if you don’t want to ride too much, since you can’t get to the refuge by car, you can go up to Velo Veronese and park there, then take the bike and cycle the last km. Or come on foot, it doesn’t matter.



BAM! CAMPFIRE has a limited number, so in order to participate you must book your place.

There is no ticket, you just have to buy the BAM T-shirt! Limited edition, in presale here. You will collect it at the BAM! CAMPFIRE.

If you want to sleep with us, you can reserve the place for your tent, or for your sleeping bag outdoors, on the porch of the refuge. Or, again, you can buy a place in Vaude’s pre-arranged tents, or a bed in the Refuge. Here all the info.


Dress well – we are at 1200 meters above sea level – bring lights, a head flashlight for the night, toilet paper, the lock, the camera, your desire to be together and, of course, your friends.