Cima D’Asta Loop

The most logical overnighter loop in the magnificent Lagorai mountain range.

BAM! Will be in June 2022

What makes you belong to something? what is the sense of belonging? In that sea that is life, where we are suspended between infinity and nothingness, each of us is looking for an anchor, a flag, a team or a love for which to be able to say: “I belong to you”. Sometimes you belong […]

Sofiane Sehili, the ultracyling man

Sofiane Sehili is a smiling Frenchman, 37 years old, able to win many of the toughest races on the planet, like Silk Road, French Divide, Atlas Mountain Race or Italy Divide, being second or third in many others.  Sofiane is a Miss Grape ambassador and we are proud to have such an athlete on our […]

SeaToSummit – A new way to experience the night

The night. For some of us it is the real reason that makes us take the bike to start a long ride. Getting lost in the night pedaling with only the front light, listening to every slight rustle, observing with the corner of the eye every shadow that appears until we find the ideal place: […]

Pre-BAM! at the wonderful Mulino dei Veraghi.

If BAM! Is not enough, we also add pre-BAM! The Pre-BAM will be held on Friday 11 June at the wonderful Mulino dei Veraghi. We will meet in Verona in the late afternoon, between smiles and a cold beer, and we will arrive, obviously by bike, in a wonderful location. And in perfect BAM style, […]

Explore local: in the Dolomites with Alberto Frizziero

You don’t need to pedal in Alaska to feel alive. Primo Levi said “not to be strong, but to feel strong”. For this BAM! supporters the “Explore Local”, of getting lost close to home, always being curious, without having to go far, also as a choice of environmental sustainability. From this year we want to […]