Here we are.
BAM! has officially started today, Thursday, May 17th, with the departure of some groups arriving in Sermide for the Pre-BAM! To welcome them there will be a bonfire, a beer, Dino Lanzaretti, and many friends.
BAM! is the European meeting for bicycle travelers but it’s also a meeting for those who choose to ride with their bikes and stop, to observe, to have a char and to share a story.
BAM! is a break from the world, a distant reality that arrives for everyone once a year. It’s the moment when a small world is created, leaving everything else outside. Because we really like it in here.
The three days of BAM! are not just the perfect holiday, they are a possible life.
They are a conscious choice that each person chooses to make. BAM! is all of us with all of you, who have understood that today we are here, and we can be happy.