Going out in bad weather…

Traveling by bike in bad weather is possible, must!

5 tips from the youngest Indian cyclist to have completed the world tour!

The warm season is coming, but the storm is always around the corner and maybe even those unpleasant Atlantic disturbances that mathematically arrive on the holy cycling weekend. We Mediterranean cyclists are always reluctant to go out as soon as the sun hides behind the clouds. Going out in bad weather strengthens the soul and always offers epic moments that you can tell at the bar. Intercepting a storm during the exit is almost fun, at most you can take cover at the bus stop, but the real fearless is the one who comes out with the road already wet and the clouds full of water that promise only socks to squeeze upon arrival. .

Who doesn’t scream in the rain! Rain and cycling are two purifying elements that put together raise their saving power! So it is better not to observe the weather forecast, but rather to check our rainproof equipment and take care of the chain of your beloved bike with the right lubricants. Dress in layers and go out, always!

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