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The appointments are many and for all tastes: for those who want to ride, for those who want to learn something new and for those who want to just meet friends and enjoy it.
For those who have traveled by sailboat, the wind is a kind of science: you know its names, its timing, its direction. For cyclists, winds have no name, they are not studied.
It's time to be practical: have you booked the tent site, planned the trip, and decided with whom you will come?
Curiosity, optimism, courage. These are some of the elements that animate Vittoria and that make up "The Ride Ahead". A concept that marries the idea of ​​travelling to the horizon, of ​​going as far as possible, that drives travellers to the BAM! and which transforms borders into lines to cross, and distances into dreams.
We are this thing here: a bike event that cares nothing about how fast the bike goes, and a lot about how many stars we count before we sleep, who we ride with, how many wheels we puncture, and how many times we think about running away (even if we don't actually do it).
The first time he got on a bicycle thinking he was doing "sport," he climbed Mount Grappa on an old garage mountain bike. Result? Failure, of course. But it's there, at the edge of that comfort zone, that you decide that no matter what…you'd rather ride a bike there.
Some on a Vespa and some on a Graziella... to each his own symbol of the Italian summer. Except that touring Italy with a Graziella seems more like a punishment, or at least it seemed like it before seeing your smiling photos. Why did you decide to hurt your asses so much?
Strade Montane is a cycling project to discover the Apennine territory through the roads that run along the ridges of the mountain area between Emilia and Tuscany among ancient villages, boundless woods and silent crests.