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The nice thing about a bike trip? It lasts much longer than the time you spend in the saddle. A trip leaves you with memories and feelings that accompany you for a long time and can be an excellent topic of conversation over a beer with friends.
Giulia’s, Ramona’s and Alexia’s trip to Lanzarote. Five days cycling around the island in touch with the most unspoiled wild nature.
BAM! is coming back to Mantova: from 10 to 12 june we will meet again in front of the medieval town, near the lakes.
Unfortunately, the places to sleep in tents at BAM are sold out (if we manage to make room we will open a new slot ... stay tuned)
For many years I have chased the claim of becoming a good mountaineer. I sneaked into every climb of a certain type by trading my inexperience for my strength. I was always behind everyone, but I carried the heaviest loads.
A short bikepacking loop that mixes dirt roads, singletrack trails and an ancient road used in the middle age to trade wine.
A project that aims to accelerate the resumption of post-pandemic events and promote respect for the environment and territories.
The most logical overnighter loop in the magnificent Lagorai mountain range.