We ride in order to say ‘I cycled all night’, to fill in an evening that otherwise would have been like many other night, to party, to meet new people who love the bicycle just like us; but it’s not just this. Night Ride is an quiet space in the city chaos, a bond between people with the same interests and an opportunity to run free.

We leave after the concert at night and we will all ride together at a moderate speed, guided by the Night Ride Padua team and follower by a repair service at the back of the group, ready to make reparations in case of breakdowns or punctures of our beloved two wheels. The ride will go on for about 30-40km, mainly on paved roads but with little traffic, there will be short breaks and then we go back to the starting point just in time for the sunrise. At the end of the ride we will enjoy the sunrise while drinking coffee all together. The ride is open to every type of bicycle and is suitable for everyone, so do not be intimidated by the night and come ride with us!