PRE BAM - Bam 2020, bycicle adventure meeting

    The most important European meeting for cyclists.

  •  At BAM riding by the river!

    Bike trip to Mantua going up the Po and the Mincio.

Do you want to come by bike to BAM? It can be done!

You can depart from: Padua, Mestre, Treviso, Parma, Turin; Trento, Rovereto, Genoa, Florence, Bergamo, Milan, Brescia, Cremona, Ferrara, Bologna … and many others.

Find your Group!
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Pre BAM at Sermide

THURSDAY 16th of MAY 2019


  • Meeting with the guest of honor SIMONE LUNGHI
  • Outdoor grill (Veg friendly) with Slow Food Presidia
  • Live music (Rock-blues)

Possibility of:

  • Free camping on the lawn by the river, in the sun or in the shade
  • Overnight stay in the floating River Shelter, 4 beds, 10 euros per person (reservation needed)
  • Camper area equipped with electricity and water connection, cesspit outside the village
  • 6 pitches with reservation needed
  • Hot showers in the changing rooms of the soccer field 500 meters from the campsite
  • Bathrooms near the campsite
  • Clean your bike with running water
  • Professional repair bicycles
  • Visit to the Regional Museum of the Second World War of the Po River (3 euros per person)
  • Visit to the water drainage system of the Land Reclamation Consortium of the Gonzagas in Destra Po monument of industrial archeology
  • Free explorations or guided bike tours of flood plains, embankments and dirt roads
  • Canoe and kayak tests
  • Parking for cars or vans
  • Motor boat tours on the Po with a stop on the Isola di Mezzo

FOR INFORMATION: / 339.7882539

and on the 17th, all together at BAM!