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Valentina Brunet at BAM!19

Valentina, 33 years old, I come from the green Valle di Primiero immersed in the Dolomites. Travel since 2013, mostly alone,…

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#cyclestory La vegia e ‘l narvent

This is not a travel story. One of the last days of July is already ending; Bad Gastein, in the shadow…

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WHAT WILL YOU DO EXACTLY? So, I will leave on February 5th for Magadan, a port city facing Kamchatka (if you…

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The Danakil by bicycle of Caterina Borgato.

They found it on the shore of a swamp, covered by a soft layer of mud, it was almost all whole,…

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Alessandro Gallo, travel by bicycle

Cycling trips. From an ordinary life, to change. Can you tell us about it? My change was not so radical. I…

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First time? Never forget it.

There is something, when we were children, that made us the happiest children in the world. There is something that, when…

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BAM! Is back, the best European Meeting of Bicycle Travelers.

Three days of meetings, music, rides and events dedicated to those who ride to go far. Thousands of travelers are expected…

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BAM!2019 | 17-19 MAY, MANTOVA

BAM! European Meeting of Bicycle Travelers 17th-19th of May 2019 Mantua The fifth edition of BAM! in Mantua from the 17th…

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BAM!2018, a two wheel success.

Great success for the fourth edition of BAM!, European meeting of bicycle travelers. In Mantua more than 5,000 visitors in 3…

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Here we are. BAM! has officially started today, Thursday, May 17th, with the departure of some groups arriving in Sermide for…

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