Mantova, 9-11 giugno 2023

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From 2pm 14: BAM! Campfire Lausen Refuge – registration, t-shirt collection and eventual purchase of a card, tent arrangement, relax
5 pm: music and stories. Aperitif with Lessinia beer tasting
6 pm: some news from the travel world: bikes, bags, equipment.
8 pm: dinner with the typical products of Lessinia
Next up: Orkestrada concert
Bonfire, music with the deejay Danilo Dialocan
Midnight dish and walk under the stars
”Dancefloor” BAM!

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8 am: the awakening with the sound of the handpan
8:30 am: yoga for bike travelers
From 9 am: breakfast with coffee, fortaie and homemade jams.
10.30 am: live music and stories
11 am: Bam Bagarre – infernal ascent with a loaded bike, 5 liters of beer to be won
12.30 am: lunch
Afterwards, go cycling in Lessinia, it’s worth it.

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The Lausen Refuge and BAM! Campfire meet the Rarahil Memorial School project made by Fausto de Stefani.

Raharil is a school that hosts about a thousand children from 4 to 18 years old in the town of Kirtipur, near the capital of Nepal Kathmandu.
It was conceived and developed by Fausto de Stefani, with the Fondazione Senza Frontiere Onlius (project also supported by Montura Editing).

You can contribute to this social solidarity project in favor of children and communities in need, by purchasing a BAM branded Lessinia Beer (part of the proceeds will be donated to the project) or by making a direct donation to: Fondazione Senza Frontiere Onlus, Via S. Apollonio n.6 – 46042 Castel Goffredo (MN), CF: 90008460207, postal account n. 14866461, IBAN: IT 74 S 07601 11500 000014866461

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