Mantova, 9-11 giugno 2023

Warmshowers is an official partner of BAM!

giovedì, 31 Marzo, 2022

The large community of bicycle travelers based on hospitality and friendship fully respects the values of BAM! and we are proud to be part of it. In Mantua, from the 10th to the 12th of June, during the eighth edition of the bicycle travelers' meeting, there will therefore also be an opportunity for all Warmshowers members to meet again ... and of course to share a smile and find a shower. Says Tahverlee Anglen, Executive Director, "We make the world smaller by providing technology for bicycle travelers to develop friendships and provide services in local communities, through hospitality. Our community of passionate cyclists and hosts is like no other."  The organization offers free accomodations for cycle tourists all over the world and sees more and more people who want to offer their own room or sofa ... or just a shower. It is said that "the bicycle provides access to destinations that would otherwise be inaccessible" because a bicycle can go places where cars do not arrive, enhancing and making known even distant or lesser-known lands. The foundation claims that its community has grown exponentially since the beginning and currently has hosts from all over the world offering mutual hospitality.